Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Thursday, 15 April 2010


the screen shot i chosen show how much i used the footage i filmed, to help my animaiton work.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


this is a test shoot to be emailed to musion to test the size is right and the camera angle is right.

raw footage

time is very inportent this term because if your doing work for rave live we need to hand in to content on the 22 of april so i fort of the idea to film the footage we need for are animaiton and use as refernce when we are working but also if im streched for time i can rotoscope the footage in maya and that would save a lot of time in the animating stage because need basic a week for rendering becuase for musion we need to render in HD.

ruff block out

using the footage we recorded to roloscope the animaiton to give me a helping hand because of the short time frame we have to product the work. atm the moment i have begain to ruff block out the animaiton. the footage is a big help becuase i have all the basic information there. i just need to add exageration to the character.


ruff storyboards

this is the step by step of the modal editing there was a few problems with the uv mapping but in the end all worked out fine. aswell added a ravelive crew t-shirt on him to add to the whole thing because with my animation for this project he is a member of the rave live crew getting told off for slacking.

this is the rig we will be using because it can be customised so can use it for are animation

musion meeting

today went to the head office of musion and was show how the hologram works aswell the guildline we have to use to produce a decsent animation. guildline just as dont use black textuals keep the animaiton moving so dont give a flat effect keep in frame. put more but it really give me a good understanding on the element we need to use to produce a really strong animaiton.

musions work

the work musion dose could be for promoting a phone to productiong the gorillaz live proformens. there work is so broad they can help company showcase there work at events or a privite showings


the company we will be doing the animation for is musion located in london its one of the worlds leading company in using holograms
the do the work of the hologram of the gorillaz, david beckham, will i am from black eyed peas, speedo
they are well know for they hologram and im greatful for this opperturnerty

The A team

ok the team for this project is
Andrew Kinnear
Tom Richie
and ofcourse myself

we got a very strong team and i believe the project will go nice and smoothly.