Monday, 10 May 2010

layout of website

i just made this to show i have throught about my website i brought the site and this is what i will show the designer when i have the money to produce it.


i decided to buy a domain and host for a website the reason for this is so that i can showcase all my work that i have done in a more perfection level and help client or company i would want to work for to see my work on a smart, clean backdrop as of a website with links to my personal blog so i can keep people who visit the site up to date with what im doing.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Animaiton stall for rave live

ok seeing as now im the pa for will i asked for Joe Steel and Andrew Kinnars help with sorting out the stand for Rave live because i would be busy helping preper for Rave Live we desided that we would have two moniters one showing are year 2 showreel the second the database of showreel from the student aswell boards showing off students work with charachter designs consept drawing Maya Model and any other work people provide.

i went to Mike Smith and asked if he could send out a E-mail to all Year 2 student with inportent dates for Hand ins

PA for Assistant Managing Director of rave live

i have been asked to be PA to one of the managing Directors of rave live this is a great oppertunerty for me to broaden my skill not just in animation but broadcasting and PAing for a huge event such as ravelive but the problem with this is i wont be able to work as much on the animation stall as i would like.

jeff is done

this is the best i could do for the time i had to work on it for rave live beacuse they want it a month befor the event to go through qc.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

jeffs geting there

the animation is taking it time, time i don't have seeing deadline is soon but at the moment the main problem is the timing of the animation its self this is a area i need to work on more over the summer after working on this project i feel there is so much i need to learn to get up to scratch, but i will have a finished produce for hand in.


for this years Rave Live i toke it apone myself to be the head of animaiton for the event and part of my job was to provide the content 8min waith of animaiton to use in the brake of the show on the event its self this was a short list i produced. in the end i used my team last years eviroment project cut down to 2 mins last years work of bare bear aswell as the theired year film el bandito. aswell as this the current years group wack'd provided me with a 30 second teaser trailer for their film aswell as another group aqua fist with there enivorment project the only downside was there was no sound.

showreel update

i started to edit my showreel working on scene that would show off my models and i wanted to show all the areas im gd at in animaiton not just animating but aswell producing and directing. i used a track of mobys for my showreel on his website there a link to a site called mobygratis which is tracks moby has made just for free copyed writed track to use all you need to do his email and request for one of the track and if they approve they send you a link to download the track to use.

no more Musion

today i found out that musion have pulled out of Rave Live which was very disapionting becuase i was hopeing for my work to been show on the main stage. the reason for this was Musion said from the start they would do it for free then desided to ask for £2000 which i think is a bit unfair to ask after all this time saying would do it for free.

mistake with the animaiton

watching over a rendered scene of my aniamiton i so mistake that i need to correct for the animaiton to get better the best way to do this was write down the problems with the times so i could resolve the problems quicky.

Head of animaiton for rave live

my friend is the Assistant Managing Director for rave live and he asked if could head animaiton for him, the role would inclused perfering 8 min of Animaiton to be shown at Rave live between the show, the organise the animaiton stall for the day of the event. collect cotent for the year 2 showreel aswell as the student database we will have for the students showreels.


i started to this think of ideas after are dvd studio pro oh the layout of my own dvd which clips i would show and not how i would lay out the dvd with logo links would i add my lifedrawing i did deside some of my work wouldnt be gd enuff to put onto the dvd because the whole piont of a showreel is to show off your best work .

ruff edit

i want to show how the work is going on so far im just working to the deadline of April 19th which is coming up close.